COVA Research Questions

  1. Which areas of Colorado has the most problems with human trafficking?
  2. Are the victims of trafficking usually originate of someone being from out of state or even country?
  3. Usually what happens to the people who are mainly responsible for the human trafficking, such as a farm worker, what punishment does that person receive? Or would that mainly fall under a police case only?
  4. Has COVA seen the issue of human trafficking in Colorado change, increase, declined, or about the same as past years?
  5. How bilingual are COVA’s resources, such as the hotline, how would they handle a victim who only spoke Spanish?
  6. Has COVA considered on taking their website and all their resources into another language? Example Spanish. Being it’s one of the most spoken languages in the USA after English.
  7. In one of your YouTube videos on your site, Director Nancy Lewis mentions “there are depleting funds in the program,” what are the probable reasons for that happening?
  8. Are there specific applications for a case the crime victim emergency fund does not accept?
  9. What is the common form a victim connects to COVA? Has online communication been the best means of communication or phone calls?
  10. What goals does COVA have for this year to better their helpful program?

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